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[TenTec] PC Radio RX-320

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Subject: [TenTec] PC Radio RX-320
From: cooper@gmpvt.com (Tom Cooper)
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 16:31:25 -0400
In case you haven't looked recently, you can download the radio control
and the programmer's info, including a sample BASIC program, from the Ten-Tec
web site (www.tentec.com).

I've had my RX-320 for a couple of weeks now and I would say that it is the
companion to any Ten-Tec ham band only radio.  I connect the "RX antenna"
jack of my
Corsair II to the "antenna" jack of the RX-320 and can feed both radios via
the same
antenna without any additional switching.  I think this will work with any
with a "RX antenna" jack.

I've also modified the sample program extensively and find that I like
being able to 
use the radio without screwing around with the mouse.  It's kind of like
your own radio in a way.

The RX-320 receives so well that I think it is quite a bargain, and a lot
of fun, too.

Tom  W1EAT

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