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[TenTec] $1200 Problem

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Subject: [TenTec] $1200 Problem
From: kk5ib@insolwwb.net (Darryl J. Kelly)
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 18:30:15 -0700
I would like to agree with Puck about the difficulty of
producing a radio in $1200 + range. What can you
get now for that amount of money? I wanted 160-10 meters
plus general coverage, two VFOs, SSB, CW, with
500 and 250 Hz filters for CW, and 2.0 Khz for SSB,
100 watts out adjustable, spotting tone, built in keyer,
built in quiet and cool switching power supply, 100 
memories, split, adjustable and tracking sidetone, QSK,
RIT/XIT, Notch, IF Shift, Key jack on front and back,
Analog S-meter with pwr out, SWR, adjustable
AGC, lots of plugs on back for digital, computer
control, RX antenna, DC power, and the automatic
antenna tuner from the Yaesu FT-1000. I got all of the
above and more for $1250 in a mint used Yaesu FT-990.
Can't compare with new price as it is out of production,
but still readily available. According to the ARRL testing
reports it is closer to the OMNI VI+ in major specifications
than to a low end radio. Also an OMNI VI+ requires an
external power supply and antenna tuner, both additional
requirements in money and space, both of which are
very limited at my QTH. Cost of full OMNI VI+ is about
twice what I paid for my FT-990. Is it twice as good?
I can't afford to find out. I do use a MFJ digital filter
so I do have DSP also. Incidentally, the 990 I purchased
was replaced by an OMNI VI+ by the ham who sold it to me.
What am I doing on the Ten-Tec reflector? I do own a
Scout. Ten-Tec would have to produce a great radio at
a unbelievable price to beat what I have. Please no
flaming e-mail. This is primarily a exercise in economics.
Darryl, KK5IB

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