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[TenTec] Mid range T-T

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Subject: [TenTec] Mid range T-T
From: chestert@pressroom.com (Chester Alderman)
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 10:03:21 -0400
I'm really trying to be quite here, but I guess I can't! Scott, I'm not
sure why you put the Omni 6 in the 'niche' catagory, but perhaps you have a
defination of the word 'niche'. Since I have compared an IC-781 and now an
FT-1000MP, side-by-side, a/b switching antennas, it is my (almost) humble
opinion that the Omni 6, even though it's design is over eight years old,
is a top-of-the-line xcvr. Put one on your desk and do you own comparisons
and I'll bet you will come out with the same conclusion. So it doesn't have
an internal tuner or a SSB monitor, what it does have is an excellent
receiver and a very good transmitter. In other words it's 'basics' are the
best available.
But then, maybe your correct, because most hams today are more interested
in the 'bells and whiltles' than the basic solid operating system.
I agree with "Just doing everything adequately may no longer be enough.",
but if you do all of the basics in excellent fashion, it will be there when
the thrill of the almost useless bells-and-whiltles has worn off.

>The OMNI VI is a perfect example.  It's a niche radio, but it has its
>loyal followers.  The mid-priced Ten-Tec must STAND OUT in some way that
>makes people look at the specs and say, "now THAT's something I gotta
>have in my shack because nothing else does it, and it's useful."
>Full electronic break-in is a GREAT start.  Just doing everything
>adequately may no longer be enough.  The Delta II was an adequate radio...
>It's a tough place to be.  Does...
>               "If you build it, they will come"
>                                               apply here???
>Scott Rosenfeld  ARS NF3I

Chester Alderman
 * Tom - - W4BQF*

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