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[TenTec] The $1200-1400 TenTec - What features would you wantand sacrifi

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Subject: [TenTec] The $1200-1400 TenTec - What features would you wantand sacrifice?
From: seweber@netnitco.net (seweber@netnitco.net)
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 09:18:47 -0500
>Steve; can this be done for 400 bux? That is the ceiling.Chuck SHinn
Chuck:  That is a very good point.

No, but it can be done for a low enough cost to still make the price point.
Remember, TenTec sells direct thus trading distribuitor markup for lower
volume, so the $400 ceiling is too low in my humble opinion.

Also, neither of my suggestions starts from scratch.

The Delta II+ would simply be a refinement of the delta II, in the same
manner that the Omni VI+ is a refinement of the VI. Repackage it and give
it a new name if the Delta II has a nasty reputation.

The Delta III / Omni 2000 would also use many off-the-shelf bits thus
reducing the development cost drastically.  The raw performance of the
OMNI's subsystems whips the pants off the riceburners.  There is no reason
they could not be repackaged into a more flexible modular system.

Think outside of the box.  Color outside of the lines

Steve Weber KD9BO

Steve Weber

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