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Subject: [TenTec] A Better Ten Tec
From: nw9g@netusa1.net (W9SN)
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 22:31:49 -0500
> As on oldtime ham who can remember the era of tube-based equipment, I
> appreciate
> that the Omni VI+ *doesn't* have so many of the bells and whistles.
> Besides, I
> like having most, if not all, of the controls right on the front panel.
> The
> menus in the IC-706 really bother me, thus that rig gets used mostly on
> 6m and
> 2m SSB.  While I can appreciate the capabilities of fine,
> top-of-the-line rigs
> like the FT-1000D and MP, their front panels are just riddled with
> controls, many
> of which most hams don't ever use.
> 73 de Jim - AD6CW

Jim, I think that most of us hams that have been around a few years can
back to that one certain rig that brought us so much joy.  We kick
ourselves in 
the pants for getting rid of it.  (Done that a few times).  All of those
were ones that were great and did not have all the bells and whistles.
My triton 544 was one of the finest rigs I ever used on cw.  My corsair
was also
a great rig.  I also let a few Argosy's go too.  All of them didn't have 
300 functions on them.  I have a few 2 meter rice boxes that have so
many features
that I have to dig my manual out ever time I need to program them.  One
so many features that I can't even remember all of them or would ever
need to use
them either. Where is a good yeasu memorizer when you need it?
 Maybe I'm a dinosaur but give me a great cw rig that easy to use
and has super qsk with great rx that has great filtering.
Looking at the pix in QST for the newer jap rigs, I think I would have
to go 
through a cram course in school to use them.  The buttons are so
numerous and 
small that they have to abbreviate most of them.  I can't imagine ever
to use that many functions.  Just makes me feel like there is alot more
in them that could go wrong in the future.
Combine the Corsair with the Omni 5 and I would buy 3 of them.
Also make it easy to work on like all Ten Tec's.....no surface mount

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                        Amateur Radio Station -  W9SN
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