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Subject: [TenTec] newbie
From: w.dillon@ic.ac.uk (Wayne Dillon)
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:30:26 +0100
Hi Jim,

Welcome to the list, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

I use SD by Paul O'Kain - EI5DI, he has authored a number of contesting
programmes, all of which I've found to be easy to get on with in the heat
of the fray. Have a look at his web page:


Try before you buy versions available on all the products. I've no vested
interest in this product, I'm just a very satisfied customer.

73! de Wayne - G0JJQ     G-QRP-5233
At 17:41 16/09/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi, I am new to this list, so I thought I'd introduce myself..My name is Jim
>White K1EXE- I live in Hudson, Fl (formerly of N.H.) My Main station set-up
>is a TT Omni six plus/PS , Centaur Amp. and TT 238 Tuner. My ant. is Either
>80M dipole /450 ohm ladderline  or 20M 2El. Yagi (homebrew shortened job). I
>operate CW preferably, but lately have gotten stuck on SSB, chasing DX. Also
>operate mobile, if I can get my son to run the coax--My son (N1XBP) is
>currently in college studying Computer Info Systems. Can anyone recommend
>Contest/logging software ?? I  read a post regarding Omni IV control, and it
>was said that a converter needed to be built--Why??- Mine says "RS232" on
>the back-Did I miss something??
>Thanks Jim White
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