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[TenTec] AB4GX Yagi

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Subject: [TenTec] AB4GX Yagi
From: jwwhite@gate.net (Jim White)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 19:33:39 -0400
WA9FFL; I have been thinking about your question , I.E. would this Yagi be
good for portable use??-  I think it might be, provided you marked all the
element settings, so that they could be Reset to the right positions..The
longest piece would be the boom, at 6 feet..The longest element length is 5
feet, so no problem there.. But the element mounting would require that you
tighten 16 small bolts, and 4 Hose clamps..  I thought about making one for
my RV, and tying it down to the roof, all but the outer element sections
intact..(no RV anymore)-- I think it could be done OK- Weight is < 15 lbs,
so I guess it's OK
Only caution is like I said, to be sure that the elements are set to the
right position(s), but you would have that with any antenna-  Maybe after
tuning the thing up you drill thru the elements and use 6-32 Hardware to
secure each one, then there would be no question as to being reset
correctly-  Good Luck,  '73 JIm W. K1EXE

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