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[TenTec] Omni VI chirp on 80 M

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI chirp on 80 M
From: prvalko@oakland.edu (Paul R. Valko)
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 07:20:18 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 19 Sep 1998 K1epj@aol.com wrote:

> I have an OMNI VI which I bought used about a month ago has an intermittent
> chirp (reports of 592 -> 598) . As far as I can tell it only occurs on 80
> meters.

A chirp is SUPPOSED to be reported as a "C" following the RST.  Perhaps
you are getting some RF into the rig and that is introducing HUM (as
indicated by the low TONE report in the RST)???   Just a thought.  How's
it sound to you on an external rcvr?  Try low power to see if it goes

73! =paul= W8KC
Collector of Ten*Tecs and other fine plastics


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