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[TenTec] My final word on phone jacks

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Subject: [TenTec] My final word on phone jacks
From: jwwhite@gate.net (Jim White)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 11:03:47 -0400
Hi, (1) I realize that if you plug in stereo phones, and hear sounds in both
ears, that you are plugged into a stereo phone jack, OR the Phones are
shorted together..(2) I have never plugged stereo phones into my Omni VI+
(why would I?) (3) MY manual shows no overall schematic for the radio, and
makes no mention of "phone jack", or mentions the supposed impedance of
same. (4) All references to "audio" on my schematic show one "hot wire" and
one ground wire..
the only reference (symbol) for a stereo jack is the one for the keyer
paddle(s) (5) enough already.... Now, does anyone besides me have a
"monstrous" birdie located at (approx,)  1997KHZ ?? and another smaller one
at, or near, the lower end of 160?? '73 Jim W. K1EXE

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