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[TenTec] Omni QSK with Alpha's 87A QSK

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni QSK with Alpha's 87A QSK
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 13:27:35 -1000

>I'm not sure my messages are making it to you through the reflector.
>With one simple mod to the Omni Six's Control Board, you can accomplish
>This is my third post relating to this today, but I'll repeat it again: The
>Omni's Q16 can be modified to key your Alpha 87 silently and with ample T/R
>time to ensure that hot switching does not occur, but not so much that QSK
>performance is compromised.  See my previous post for an explanation on the
>steps involved.

Paul,  Thank you for your input.  I have rcvd your posts,  and will have a
hard look.  After having a look,  I will decide if I think I could do the
as you describe it.  As this Omni is just out of the factory,  am sure
it is surface mount technology.  I was just looking at some pictures
of that kind of PCB and components in the Sept. 98 CQ,  pg. 46-
53;  looks a bit awesome for my weak old eyes,  and no longer
too steady hands and fingers,  hi.  But,  will have a look inside.
You make your solution to sound very neat;  just use the relay
signal as the new TX OUT.  Will certainly look very carefully.

Maybe I can get the XYL to do the micro work for me;  she is
excellent with her hands and eyes;  has been a nurse for
decades,  and works well with the physicians with her
hands.  Back in the '50's she did micro-min type work
at Varian Associates in Palo Alto,  so she isn't really
spooked by wires,  resistors,  etc. But do not think she
has ever done anything with PCB circuits,  will see,  hi.
Looks to be jewelers eye loop,  tweezers,  and great
care time with minitip solder tools.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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