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[TenTec] TX out and TXen

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Subject: [TenTec] TX out and TXen
From: jwwhite@gate.net (Jim White)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 19:46:05 -0400
According to my Omni 6+ manual, TX out generates a "closure to ground' (thru
transistor Q11) - My Centaur takes this "low" inverts it, and uses it to
apply base Bias to a transistor.- this closes a relay, (and turns on the
Amp. ) the relay closure (to ground  thru 47 ohms) is sent back to 'TX EN"..
  Looking at the Omni 6+ schem. this is what you get if you leave the
"shorting" plug in place between "TX OUT and TX EN"-notice "TX EN" has a
"Bar" over it--it wants to see a "low" to ground (thru 47 ohms)- before
allowing  the Omni to transmit......this is to eliminate "hot switching".
Your Alpha must be placing a CONTINUOUS "low" on "TX EN"  (or a
oltage)  -this must be keeping the omni on Xmit..
     What does the Alpha "c" output consist of??  --'73 JIm W. K1EXE

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