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[TenTec] TX out and TXen

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Subject: [TenTec] TX out and TXen
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:21:49 -1000

>According to my Omni 6+ manual, TX out generates a "closure to ground'
>transistor Q11) - My Centaur takes this "low" inverts it, and uses it to
>apply base Bias to a transistor.- this closes a relay, (and turns on the
>Amp. ) the relay closure (to ground  thru 47 ohms) is sent back to 'TX
>  Looking at the Omni 6+ schem. this is what you get if you leave the
>"shorting" plug in place between "TX OUT and TX EN"-notice "TX EN" has a
>"Bar" over it--it wants to see a "low" to ground (thru 47 ohms)- before
>allowing  the Omni to transmit......this is to eliminate "hot switching".
>Your Alpha must be placing a CONTINUOUS "low" on "TX EN"  (or a
>oltage)  -this must be keeping the omni on Xmit..
>     What does the Alpha "c" output consist of??  --'73 JIm W. K1EXE

Aloha Jim,  and thanks much for the info.  Well,  on another day I would
get busy and do some measurements;  but his Sunday afternoon
is one of those amazingly humid and sticky days.   Out here,  of course,
we have no air conditioning,  nor heat in our homes;  the windows,
jalousie type,  are open 24 hours per day,  every day of the year,
unless  the wind really kicks up.  However,  we leave them open
for hurricanes passing also,  keeps the inside and outside air
pressure more constant avoiding blowing out of walls, tossing
off of roofs,  if  the wind sails over the roof too fast,  hi!

Paul Christensen, W9AC has posted an excellent mod type  solution;
will open the Omni up in the morning and have a look as the Control
Board.  See if I,  or my XYL (with excellent hand/eye abilities)
could effect his mod.

Thanks again for the info and 73,  Jim,  KH7M

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