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[TenTec] TX EN & TX OUT Jacks

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Subject: [TenTec] TX EN & TX OUT Jacks
From: w6ru@lightspeed.net (w6ru)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 18:41:34 -0700
Paul, Jim, and all,

I made up a cable with a diode in series to connect the 87A "relay" jack line
to a "Y" cable to plug into the "TX OUT" and "TX EN" jacks on the Omni 6 +. The
polarity of the diode has the cathode (band end) connected to the Y.
This works very FB on BOTH CW QSK and SSB...glad to report. It IS nice not
having ANY relay chadder even on SSB!

I DO NOT suggest doing this with any other amplifier unless you know that the
keying line polarity of the amplifier is correct AND that the amp keying
circuit is of very small current. Actually I would not do it with any amplifier
that uses relays.
I only suggest this with a Alpha 87A or 89.

Terry - W6RU

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