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[TenTec] TX EN & TX OUT Jacks

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Subject: [TenTec] TX EN & TX OUT Jacks
From: w6ru@lightspeed.net (w6ru)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 21:07:18 -0700
You stated "bands". The diode I used was a SK3081...your 1000 volt, 2 1/2 amp
variety. I used this diode because I have them in large quanity. These only have
one band on them and yes goes toward the Omni. If you use one of the smaller
glass diodes that have color coded bands on them followed by a wider black band.
The end of the diode next to that the black wider band is the cathode and goes
towards the Omni.

Good Luck,
Terry - W6RU

Jim Reid wrote:

> Aloha Terry!
> Ref you note and test results on below:
> Thank you for your perseverance and tests.  Wow,  tomorrow I shall
> set up such a circuit,  external to both the Omni and 87A.  I read your
> solution to mean that the bands point to the Omni,  not the 87A. You
> are todays hero!!
> Continue to just be amazed at the commradere of the Ten Tec gang.
> And,  you know what,  I am sure they will read about all of this
> at the factory tomorrow morning.  Be better news than
> what I believe is going to be on TV on Monday!!
> 73,  Jim,  KH7M

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