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Subject: [TenTec] Y2K
From: talbot@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu (George Arthur Talbot)
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 12:34:02 +1200 (KST)
Faithful Ten-Techies,

I have yet a more fundamental problem that I argue with my coworkers

Does the new day start at 0000 or 0001. My contention (as I red in my circa
1959 ARRL handbook which is no more) is that 2400 and 0000 are the _same
time_ but 2400 refers to the end of the day and 0000 refers to the
beginning of the new day.

But with their 'military mentality' and as they were trained the new day
starts at 0001. I guess they do not like to start counting from zero. I
asked them what time they would log if an event happened 29 seconds after
the new day? They could not give adequate explanation that fit into the new
day starting at 0001. "Well I've been doing it that way for 20 something
years!"  I would also ask what happened to the minute between 2400 and
0001. Still no answer.

Some people!

George V73GT

PS. Now we have to deal with the Y2K problem and whether the new century
starts at 
January 1, 2000 or January 1, 2001....Oh well!

Just ask them to count to four starting at zero. Zero, one, two, three! Easy!

You learn a lot 'doing digital'.

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