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[TenTec] european equipment

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Subject: [TenTec] european equipment
From: deiss@camasnet.com (Greg Deiss)
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 18:11:32 -0800
Dear group,

Thanks for all the insightful comments on using 240v./50hz equipment in
the USA.  My apologies to those who wondered what a playstation was
(it's a Sony video game system); until a month ago I didn't either!  For
the record, it appears that using 50hz stuff here isn't a problem unless
the frequency is somehow being used as a time base, which is not the
case with playstations.

Thanks also to the "extra mile" people that wisely anticipated a video
compatibility problem (european PAL vs USA ???).  I now know that this
will be the real problem in making the foreign Playstation work.  I will
probably follow the advice of a couple of people who suggested picking
up a good used system at a pawn shop and using it instead.

Finally, thanks to everyone for indulging what wasn't even a radio
question, much less a Tentec one.  You are a truly great group of people
for whom "elmer"ness is probably a way of life!  Patrick, our 17 year
old German exchange student was honestly impressed with your knowledge
and your willingness to help.

Greg, KL7QX

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