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[TenTec] Model 301

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Subject: [TenTec] Model 301
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 07:19:40 -0600
A few minutes ago, I sent this note to Rick.  I should have put
it on the reflector....

Check your manual, Rick.  For the Omni VI, it's on page 4-39.
The DB25
connector connects to plug 80*.  Plug 80 contains three leads:
+5v, phase1, phase2.  They connect to the DB25 connector at pins
16, 6* and 8, respectively.

Get yourself a couple of DB25's (male and two females)  Wireup a
'pigtail' connector affair or 'Y' cable for feeding the computer
and the 301.

Or, simply go into the exisiting DB25 connector coming from the
computer and wire a small cable with a three conductor connector
(maybe a DB9 or a small molex connector) and interface that to
the 301 cable.

the 301 is worth it, by the way.

Dale Martin, KG5U
http://www.hal-pc.org/~kg5u -- see my Model 301 on my website!

* = Rick: I sent you '5' instead of '6' -- my eyes are not Y2K
compliant and are being adversely affected by the approach of

Also, I cannot guarantee it's is plug 80 that I am reading...I
think that's what it is ...

Forget the new bells and whistles, T-T!  Provide reading glasses
with the manual!

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