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[TenTec] from a Scout to ???

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Subject: [TenTec] from a Scout to ???
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 08:39:12 -1000

->IMHO, you have to choices.
>1. Omni V
>2. Corsair I or Corsair II (try to locate the matching 263 VFO)

Well,  I have a Corsair II here  which I have been keeping about
as a backup rig.  Maybe I would consider selling it;  has both the
matching VFO and the Speaker/PS unit.  All filters offered
for the Corsair II are installed.  Amazing QSK CW rig,  and
got along just fine with my Alpha linear,  which uses dioles
for QSK,  so worked just great.

Maybe if someone were to offer enough $$'s............ hi!

73,  Jim,  KH7M
On the Garden Island of Kauai
Which means it would cost around $125 or so Fed Ex shipping
of all three units to somewhere on the mainland;  so that
obviously decreases the value to someone over there.  I
have all three TT original boxes for the units.

BTW,  now using the TT OmniVI+,  which is just an excellent
CW, QSK rig,  and also likes the Alpha.  However,after
the first of the year,  this will probably be replaced by
a Henry with vacuum relays for QSK.

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