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[TenTec] Noisy relay in Corsair II

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Subject: [TenTec] Noisy relay in Corsair II
From: w5tb@SoftHome.net (W5TB)
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 08:04:08 -0500
At 8:04 PM -0500 11/5/98, K & H Darwin wrote:
>What is the easiest way to disable (or silence) the auxilary relay in the
>Corsair II.  I suppose I could remove it but I was thinking it would be
>smoother if I was able to simply tie some control line to power or
>something to make the relay stay open all the time.

Kieth -- on my Omni V I found the easiest answer I received was to remove
the plastic relay cover (lifts right off on the Omni - not sure about
Corsair) and insert a small piece of cardboard between the relay elements.
5 min of work and now the shack is quiet again :-)  Easy to undo should I
ever sell the rig -- not likely! ;-)

73  T.E. 'Doc' Drake  W5TB

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