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[TenTec] Smelly 255 PS

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Subject: [TenTec] Smelly 255 PS
From: casey.bahr@intel.com (Bahr, Casey)
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 11:29:40 -0800
Oh oh! That horrid burning plastic smell is emanating from my
trusty (or so I thought) Model 255. Happened first on 15 meters,
where it takes all it can give to drive a 100 W to my quad, but
is present still even when operating at 15 A after cooling off

Before I pop the top off, thought I'd ask those in the know what
to look for and what the chances are of repairing it. Also, if I
need to find a new PS, what's a good match with my Omni-C
(cable-wise)? Though, I sure like the built-in speaker on the 255
I know I can't count on finding one in a timely manner.

vy 73,


Casey Bahr, KS7J, FISTS #3648, CC #450, FNW #1
Trustee, FISTS Northwest, K7FFF, FISTS #4400, CC #457
Vista Valley FISTS CW Club, K6FFF, FISTS #4444

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