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[TenTec] How to turn off sidetone monitor?

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Subject: [TenTec] How to turn off sidetone monitor?
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 17:36:40 -0600
Hi, Hal.  Good to work you in SS.

The ST button at the upper right of the button pattern is the
sidetone level control.  Press it, press the up/down arrows on
the band keypad, and you're home.  For zero sidetone, run it all
the way down to 0.  There is a definite 'click' as it goes from 1
to 0, so maybe there's something being switched out.

I also noticed that the little click at the tail of the CW
characters in the CW sidetone are still there...even in the
absence of a sidetone....interesting....

dale, kg5u

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From: wallace offutt <woffutt@davinci.netaxis.com>
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To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 12:07 PM
Subject: [TenTec] How to turn off sidetone monitor?

>Does anyone know how to turn off the sidetone monitor on an OMNI
VI Plus?
>While operating two radios in the Sweepstakes, I wanted to turn
off the
>sidetone while sending CQ or my exchange so I could listen to my
>radio. I looked through the manual and examined the panel
>the contest but never saw a switch or reference to this.  Did I
miss this?
>Also, how do you adjust the sidetone level?
>Thanks for the help.
>Hal W1NN
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