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[TenTec] Delta II backlight

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Subject: [TenTec] Delta II backlight
From: carl.s.hyde@lmco.com (Carl Hyde)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 14:31:35 -0500

I found a company on the internet at this URL

They make a prototyping kit called a FirstLite Sheet.  It is a sheet of
EL material that can be cut with scissors. The basic sheet is 6x10
inches, has several edge connectors and is 12 mils thick.  It will
operate for about 50,000 hours at 115v 60 Hz and costs $50.00 for one
sheet.  There are several edge connectors available and it comes in
three colors.  The cut edges should be insulated with clear tape,
(packing tape?) because if it isn't die cut it will be live.  I talked
to their sales rep and he said it should work no problem.  So if you
really can remove the currently installed EL panel this will work as a
fix. So there ya are, once again we solved our own problem.  For 50
bucks you can probably have three of them at hand all the time.  I sent
for one just to play with.

Harry &Sara Coates wrote:

> Hi Everyone,  Got my Delta II back from TT and had a chance
> to look at the display unit.
> Simple to get at. 4 screws to remove the front panel. 3
> small connectors and 4 very small screws ( OH! S---! I
> DROPPED ONE!!!)  to get it out. I don't think back lights or--

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