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[TenTec] Disposition of flawed #546C

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Subject: [TenTec] Disposition of flawed #546C
From: pagel@wi-net.com (Mike & Lara Pagel)
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:03:42 -0600
Hello, All!

I joined the TenTec family (and this reflector) a bit over a year ago and
have come to rely on you all for insight, tips and entertainment.  I'm here
today with a request for advice.

The family of a local Silent Key has donated his station to our local
university foundation.  The equipment is to be sold, by me, with proceeds
establishing a trust fund and the resulting interest directed to the local
ham club that meets on campus.  Because W9BCC had spent so much of his
amateur radio career as an instructor, his family has directed that the
interest be spent on educational activities related to our hobby.  A fitting
gesture, to be sure!

The equipment to be sold includes a TenTec Omni #546 Series C (SN #3716)
with matching #280 power supply.  I lack manuals but have futzed enough to
know that the receiver is compromised.  Per the recent topic thread, I tried
using the auxiliary antenna jack but the results were the same.  A popped
diode in the receiver front end, perhaps?

Diodes, in my experience, are the root of all evil in Amateur Radio.

In any event, I am wrestling with choices.  Do I sell this rig as is, or do
I return it to TenTec for service and hope to recover the added cost of that
service?   While I feel morally compelled to deliver the radio to its new
owner with an honest description of its current condition for a fair price,
I am also obligated to generate as much revenue as possible for the
aforementioned foundation.

TenTec seems to get $450 for this rig when accompanied by the #280 PS, so
I'd think I could reasonably hope for $400 after TenTec had serviced the
rig.  What is it currently worth?  $250?  As best as I can tell, the
crystals for 12 and 17 meters are not aboard.

The rig looks great, and W9BCC took good care of it.  Late in his life,
however, he was very hard of hearing and complained that his ears were no
longer any good for copying the CW he loved so much.  He never thought to
question the receiver.

I'd probably be interested in climbing inside to sniff out those evil
diodes, but I still lack a manual and time has become a problem.  As I type
this, my wife (KB9CRU) is upstairs in the early stages of labor with our
first harmonic.  Contractions are 10 minutes apart so I think I still have
time to send this message!

Your suggestions and advice are most welcome.  Thanks for reading!

73, de Mike Pagel, K9UW (Omni VI+)
Amherst, WI
pagel@wi-net.com or mpagel@uwsp.edu

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