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[TenTec] Corsair II Station FS

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Subject: [TenTec] Corsair II Station FS
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:47:36 -1000
Aloha all,

Well,  as my new OmniVI+ is doing so well,  have, at last
decided to part with my Corsair II set up.  I want to offer
it two ways:  one way to the already "CW proficient"  General
Class op and up,  and the second way to one of today's Tech,
Tech+ or Novice folks who really want to upgrade their
CW skills,  love CW and want to participate actively with
the mode.  So here is the deal,  but first the gear:

1.  Corsair II,  S/N 561-02316.  Now I am told this indicates a
date of manufacture of about the middle of 1986.  The last month
of Corsair II manufacture at Ten Tec was April 1989.  In any case,
this is a later version of the Corsair II as it does include the 
TX-out and TX-enable jacks for the Titan or other QSK capable
linear amps.  These terminals were not on the product before
about mid production,  introduction of the Titan amp by TT, 
again so I have been informed.

The Corsair has full QSK and is great!
This unit is equipped with the full complement of CW filters.
The Corsair II was the last PTO VFO,  a la Collins radio
fame,  ever manufactured commercially,  so far as I know.
Ten Tec still fully supports the Corsair,  so spare parts, etc.
are no problem.

2.  Remote VFO,  Model 263, S/N 263-00672,  which
enables split operation of DX,  for example.

3.  PowerSiupply/Speaker,  Model 960 .S/N 960-00138

Includes the manual or manual copies for each of the three.

Now the prices:  only for sale as the set of three units,  for which
I have all three factory shipping boxes (in fact,  bought two of
them new directly from TT just a few weeks ago in anticipation
of making a sell decision).  As I am out on the Island of Kauai
in Hawaii,  I will pay $100 of the shipping via either Fed Ex
Economy air,  or,  if you prefer,  UPS Blue Label, 2nd day
air service.

Have noticed people on here rate gear condition on a scale up to
10 for tip top,  like new stuff.  On such a scale,  I guess these must
be at least 8's,  not really sure what is looked for,  but RF wise,
these are in excellent shape,  and you would have to look closely
to find case blems,  if there are any,  hi.

Now the price to the first group of possible buyers is $875,  less
my $100 share of the shipping,  net to you $775 plus shipping and
"insurance."  Note,  both Fed Ex and UPS "self insure",  I had a
very difficult time getting UPS to shoulder the responsibility  of
damage to one of my rigs which went back to he mainland
service center of Kenwood's.

Now,  to the Techs, Tech+ and Novice's,  to encourage your CW
activity,  I will sell this equipment for the net price of $600 plus
your share of whatever the shipping/insurance costs may be
 beyond my $100.  This is $175 below the price to the first,
experienced CW guys!

I really would like to see this excellent CW equipment go into the
hands of a young person just entering the hobby,  and one who
is really enthused about CW as an operating mode!!  I will check
your license class via the data bases to learn your status,  of
course,  the data also shows when your license was issued,
so will be a clue as to your interest,  hi.

73,   Jim,  KH7M
On the Garden Island of Kauai

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