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[TenTec] Corsair Problem Found and Musings

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Subject: [TenTec] Corsair Problem Found and Musings
From: mike.hawk@hopewell.net (michael hawk)
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 22:36:33 -0500
I'd like to tell everyone that after hours of exhaustive diagnotic testing
I located the problem in some exotic part that was doing something no one
would ever believe but alas it was embarrassingly simple, a bad speaker
wire connection. When I was E-mailed about that possibility I was sure that
something that simple couldn't cause all those strange symptoms but it sure
did. Many many thanks to all who responded and in such a timely manner.
This reflector has many kind and knowledgeable people which brings me to
another point. Better than half the responses i received were not sent to
the reflector but directly to me. While I very much appreciate all the
responses I can't help but think of all those who would have also
benefitted but weren't. Personnally I greatly enjoy reading about
everyone's ideas and possible solutions to problems on even the relatively
mundane things after all not everyone has years of experience and what a
great way to learn from those that do.  That's what ham radio is all about.
We do our fellow tentec hams a great disservice and deprive each other of
knowledge and just plain fun when we don't share. I've been guilty of it
myself by thinking I might sound dumb by suggesting some simple idea to the
reflector but the solution to my Corsair problem was a very simple one
suggested from a ham who had had another model Tentec with the same
symptoms. This reflector has an excellant reputation for courtesy and
consideration so whats to fear.    I am now stepping down off my soapbox.
Again thanks to all who came to my aid. Think I'll go listen to my Corsair.
  Michael N8IWG 

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