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[TenTec] Omni VI plus on SSB

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI plus on SSB
From: marc.huertas@itin.fr (Marc Huertas)
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 16:20:59 +0100
robert witt wrote:
> I hear many great things about the Omni VI plus on cw , can someone give
> me there thoughts on the use on ssb? I'am thinking of buying one but I
> do operate ssb a lot and wonder if I will be satisfied. I used to run a
> Icom 761 and it worked great.

Hi Robert,

I changed my ic756 for an omni V about one year ago and I really dont
regret my choice. the 756 was working well, and the ft990 I used before
was nice also, but the omni is really better (i'm 75% phone, 25% cw).

the plus of my old omni V (so you can imagine the same or better with
the 6) :

- better selectivity (nothing better in japan than the tentec 1.8 in
cascade 9mhz+6.63mhz),
- better strong signal handling (i really hear the difference when i'm
working dx on in the 75m dx window).
- quieter receiver but not less sensitive than the ft990/ic756, even on
10m, (it is not because you have a strong background noise that you have
a sensitive receiver, that's what i discovered mesuring noise floor on
the 756 and on the omni V).
- the transmitted audio is strong, I mean that the alc is working well
but not to much : this means that you won't have to shout into the
microphone to get a confortable average power (and no fully clockwise
mic gain on the tentec so cleaner output).
- and finally the most important point to me (wether you are a phone or
cw operator)is that i really understand how my tentec is working, i have
a real technical manual, i can perform most of the alignement by myself
and that's really a pleasure. for instance, you cannot adjust the
carrier point on the modern rigs like the ic756 (unless being an good
electronic engineer) and that's a miss (read what on4un says about how
important is this adjustment in his book low band dxing).

These are all the good reasons for me that i decided to become a fan of
tentec, even if i don't have 9999 !-) memories, a built in automatic
antenna tuner wich only tunes antennas that are already tuned !-), and
so on...

So, go on with the omni 6 and see you soon on the bands.

73's de Marc, f6iiv.

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