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[TenTec] Hum from a Omni-V

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Subject: [TenTec] Hum from a Omni-V
From: randas@mindspring.com (Tim Randa)
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 17:24:47 -0500
Hello to all...
First I want to thank everyone who sent me email with comments about the
Omni-VI. Now I need help of a different nature. I have just bought a very
nice Omni-V full of filters that the only flaw I can find is a steady hum
when useing the headphone or speaker jack. There is no hum from the rig
speaker...only when useing headphones. It's present in all modes.
Now...here has got to be the clue to the trouble...the hum goes away when a
soft key (band, mode,filter) is pressed and held in. The hum returns when
the key is released. The rig is well grounded, and the volume control does
nothing to the hum except cover it up at a high volume level. If you have
any sugestions..please email me. If I can get this one problem fixed I'll
be one happy camper..I might even get a tentec tattoo...hi

73 to all

de Tim  K0FL

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