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[TenTec] F.S. Omni A series B

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Subject: [TenTec] F.S. Omni A series B
From: DENNYV@clarityconnect.com (Dennis Voorhees)
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 17:31:03 -0800
I have for sale an Omni A series  B. The analog version with a new dial
cord and the PTO seems to work well
Yep its an oldtimer but a good working radio. No filters except for the
built in audio filters in the radio.
     Cosmetically about a 6-7, not pristine for sure but operates very
well on CW and Phone. Covers all the pre- warc bands 160-10. I used it
last year during the Pa QSO party for almost 600 Q'S.
Its been replaced with a Corsair, so it is surplus to my needs.
     I'll also include the matching Ten Tec microphone of the era its
well used but works well.
     $225 shipped CONUS

Denny AD3O

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