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[TenTec] [Fwd: A not so gentle reminder - HV is unforgiving]

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Subject: [TenTec] [Fwd: A not so gentle reminder - HV is unforgiving]
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 18:06:08 -0500

Not off topic....It reminds me of too many misses and not so near
misses....I'm glad you are here to type about it...
Working on 12V equipment makes us complacent....after a near miss working on
my SB-220 a few years ago I swore off amp work....If this SB-220 goes, I'm
going to get out the checkbook and buy another amp....

more off topic..

Many years ago I had a homebrew amp with 866's in the power supply..the
power supply was in the the bottom of an open rack...I was working CW late
one nite enjoying the QSO and the pulse, buzz and glow of the 866's...I
looked down and the family cat was taking a real interest in the
866's....her neck was streched out and her nose was about one inch from the
plate caps of the 866's...and getting closer...now the dilemma..do I kick
the cat out of the way and mebbe zap both of us or let the cat take the hit
(I did like the cat)...at the last second, I let go of the bug ..swung
around and gave the cat a swift kick...the cat was PO'ed, but alive and the
next day I enclosed the power supply...sure did miss watching those 866's
darn cat..


>Hello All,
>This may be slightly off topic (but is it really)....Im forwarding it
>exactly as I received it...Many are using this weekend to look into
>their radios and this is a great reminder of whats inside.
>Bill W2CQ

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