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[TenTec] [Fwd: A not so gentle reminder - HV is unforgiving]

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Subject: [TenTec] [Fwd: A not so gentle reminder - HV is unforgiving]
From: John & Annette Nicholson" <dx@netbridge.net (John & Annette Nicholson)
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 18:11:38 -0800
And then there was the time my young nephew poked a bottle rocket, stick in
first, threw the cabinet of my L4B and touched the top of the 3-500Z...

...luckily, the wood was insulator enough. Hate to think if he'd had a
metal sparkler...

73 John K7FD

>Not off topic....It reminds me of too many misses and not so near
>misses....I'm glad you are here to type about it...
>Working on 12V equipment makes us complacent....after a near miss working
>my SB-220 a few years ago I swore off amp work....If this SB-220 goes, I'm
>going to get out the checkbook and buy another amp....
>more off topic..
>Many years ago I had a homebrew amp with 866's in the power supply..the
>power supply was in the the bottom of an open rack...I was working CW late

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