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[TenTec] UPS DRIVER REPLIES "The Dreaded Damaged Package"

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Subject: [TenTec] UPS DRIVER REPLIES "The Dreaded Damaged Package"
From: wb4wen@hotmail.com (bill buchanan)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 09:28:25 PST
I have enjoyed the various replies to the orginal Dreaded Damage 
Package. Let me say that in general I have always been pleased with the 
UPS system. Part of the frustration is that the cost of transportation 
(UPS' fee) has continued to increase at a very alarming rate. This is of 
course true of all transportation, despite what many in the media would 
say are good times as to inflation.

My problem has not been with the local driver, who had nothing to do 
with the damage, and I can say has always been as helpful as possible.
He is infact responsible for the local sales malls and has as with most 
of the local drivers quite a job to do. We are have to be as sensitive 
as possible to our fellow Americans as to the plite they are required to 
work in. 

My present frustration, was based on the fact that I deal so little with 
the UPS national that I am the small pion that gets lost in the system. 
Do to the attempt to isolate the local hub from over use of 
communication lines, there was no direct way to contact them concerning 
the damaged package, and the process of going thru the 1-800 UPS line 
took over 2 weeks to get a pick up order transfered to the local hub. 
All while I was with easy driving distance of that hub.
The rules of the system required the local driver to pickup the package 
and deliver to an inspector that would check out the package after hours 
at the hub. In question was the proper packaging of the rig for 

It is well understood by me the need to isolate the inspector from 
pressures and ill attitudes of those that would contact them. However a 
proper communication to explain the conditions of that damage and the 
proper disposal of the package is important. Since the shipper was the 
insurer and I just the reciever, it is normal for the package to be 
delivered to the shipper and the insurance to be corrected with whomever 
was the source of the package. In my case, I desired to keep the rig and 
am sure I could have the rig repaired. It had replacement value more 
than insurance could pay, and was repairable for less than
what it was insured for. I was later given a local hub number for 
further messages, since after I was allowed to hand deliver the damaged 
unit (in the damaged box), after inspection it was not only sent back to 
me via a driver ( a nice Idea by the inspector to limit my necessary 
travel back to the hub), but was again picked up (the orginal pick up 
order was not canceled) and transfered back to the hub for inspection! 
The entire idea of protecting the parcel from increased damage was 
circumvented....and this not to the surprise of all including my well 
meaning local driver. At this time I now await the outcome, having 
already picked up enough parts to repair the rig and having found a good 
radio tech of that type rig to do the repairs.

Its been fun guys, but dealing with someone in ARZ about a question that 
could be answered 10 miles away is a little hard to swallow. The system 
is set up to handle generally the best methods, but less flexible to 
handle one on one requests. I must say that locally, once I was able to 
contact the proper individuals, I was  given more than required service 
and part of the problem was growing frustration on my part......

I feel great respect for those good drivers out there, for whomever they 
work for.

At this time of year, I can remember working Christmas Sort at that same 
local UPS hub (more than a few years ago) and can only imagine how 
things have changed the more so as the number (and weight) of packages 
has increased! 

73 and Best of the Season


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