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[TenTec] ten-tec legend and reality

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Subject: [TenTec] ten-tec legend and reality
From: crobson@erie.net (Chris Robson)
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 06:59:34 -0500
After reading these interesting comments,I can't believe it is the same
company I have been dealing with for 18 years and 7 Ten Tec rigs later(very
proud owner of 2, count them 2! Omni-6+ rigs). Guys, buy a Yeasu or a
Kenwood, Life is too short to continually spam a company, if you don't have
constructive comments, if your not happy, buy something else.

Chris KB3A

At 09:32 AM 12/1/98 +0100, you wrote:
> Hi Joe,  thanks for a kind support in my wrath.  When I first received my
>paragon I experienced its major malfunction a the first turn-on. 
>They replaced the control board later on but I had to pay quite a lot for
>When I get used to it I found the narrowing action of 250Hz filter
>Probably, most of users think it should work that way but it shouldn't - 
>so I contacted them on information what crystals are used there as I wanted 
>to add two poles in the empty spaces at the filter boards to make them 
>&250Hz) 8-pole instead 6-pole thus modifying them. 
>Do you know what they answered then? 
>They answered: we don't know anything on filters as we don't produce them
>OK - I thought and I modified them myself up to my needs. Up to excellency.
> By the way, let's see into the paragon or probably any other rig ten-tec
>You find there PCBs coming as if from many hands, is if of many brands. 
>A friend wrote me the ten-tec problem is their "badly tuned soldering irons" 
>or maybe 
>their problem is the items are produced separately, say, on nearby farms
>and somehow 
>put together with a worse or better, but always unforeseeable, effect ? 
>Well, but it's what I know now...  Later on, yet, I decided to use computer
>control over the paragon. 
>Yes, I asked them for the board., but do you find it fair to send and cash
>for the 
>thing you well know it cannot be used with anything because of its
>incompatibility ??  Yes, it's quite a basket as someone wrote.  I signed to
>this reflector because paragon still suffers from the PA malfunction, 
>and thought a message would show which might give some extra ideas. 
>Instead I found a bunch of self-complacent guys. 
>  Sorry, but it brings me back memory of a novel where half of the town
>the tickets to a bad spectacle and didn't want to warn the other one
>fearing they 
>could become a county laughing stock.  As getting back to the title. 
>It's good to remember something before you start using the word legend. 
>The must contain some facts, otherwise it's better to say "a bad dream". 
>   Yours,  Alec/SP2EWQ 
>   J. Pursley wrote: Good show Alec. 
>I too find their smiling face a bit too much. A course in soldering 
>techniques would help. When I asked for alignment proceedures on Paragons 
>and Omni V's they all but laughed at me. When I provided a fix for processor 
>noise on the Paragon they never responded so I sent it out on the internet 
>myself. My onmi VI came back from the phase 3 upgrade in worse condition 
>than it was when I sent it in. My requests for finding out why transmit was 
>intermittent went unnoticed. I fixed it myself as well as the fix I made 
>when they could not figure out why my paragon went ballistic at times. (they 
>forgot to solder the bias pot on the final, it was an intermittent 
>mechanical connection.) I do all repairs myself from now on.....Joe 
>promedia wrote:  > Hi Bill, 
>> Unfortunately, it didn't work with me at all. 
>> Since I bought my paragon 585 from them, I just stepped into an infinite 
>> realm 
>> of problems, costs and disappointment. I think the only reason I had 
>> decided to buy a ten-tec, 
>> at that time, was that legend. And I bought it new. 
>> Alas, we cannot be fed by and live on a Legend. 
>> Reality brought me ruthlessly back to Mother Earth and showed my 
>> stupidity. 
>> The suggestions and information the ten-tec furnished me with, after a 
>> long course on 
>> how to operate their fax-machine, were so extremely unproffesional that 
>> one would 
>> never believe they had ever touched anything electronic. No mentioning, 
>> their "help" 
>> reached me after I had to beg their president for it. 
>> It's happened recently. 
>> Further in the past, I mailed them my paragon's PA for the repair. They 
>> kept it over 7 (seven) 
>> months there and returned it as much faulty as it had been sent. You 
>> should see the 
>> invoice then....Of course, duly attached. 
>> In the meantime, I contacted them several times 
>> on whether they went bancrupt or so. "No" -they answered- "..we are 
>> going strong with an 
>  The Legend's work it must have been... Nothing else. 
>> So, it's the history. 
>> It still stands on my desk half working. 
>> A symbol delivered by Reality - Legend's opponent, one could say. 
>> Anyway, 
>> what is the final point? 
>> The point is, think twice before you get involved with ten-tec... 
>> Yours, 
>> Alec/SP2EWQ 
>> Bill wrote: 
>> > Hello Alec, 
>> > No Im not kidding about TenTecs's customer support. 
>  ...the support that TenTec shows its customers is getting legendary. 
>> > >From experts walking the hams through procedures to fix their own 
>> > rados 
>> > to sending them the parts to fix it themselves. Then if it has to be 
>> > sent, they phone you to talk about things...When mine went in for the 
>> > upgrades they called me and wrote me...They fixed the things that I 
>> > had 
>> > asked to be repaired and there were no charges... 
>  Its like giving your radio to your best friend to fix and he does it 
>> > right away and smiles when he gives it back because he knows it makes 
>> > you happy. 
>  Now we understand they only need one technician to repair all the 
>> > rigs 
>> > ut there is amazing because their turnaround time is so fast for most 
>> > repairs. 
>> > Bill W2CQ 
>> > 
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