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Subject: [TenTec]legendary service
From: peplasters@rockford.com (Paul Plasters)
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 06:48:06 -0600
Maybe this question needs to be asked:  

How many people have had less than satisfactory service from Ten-Tec?

In your answer, please include which model of Ten-Tec it was, and any
other pertinent information, such as what was the problem, etc.

If you send them direct to me, I will keep track and tally them and
resend to the net for every ones information.

Thanks, Paul K9PEP  <<peplasters@rockford.com>

At 09:34 AM 12/1/98 +0100, you wrote: 



Hi Joe, 

thanks for a kind support in my wrath. 

When I first received my paragon I experienced its major malfunction a
the first turn-on. 

They replaced the control board later on but I had to pay quite a lot for

When I get used to it I found the narrowing action of 250Hz filter

Probably, most of users think it should work that way but it shouldn't - 

so I contacted them on information what crystals are used there as I

to add two poles in the empty spaces at the filter boards to make them 

both (500&250Hz) 8-pole instead 6-pole thus modifying them. 

Do you know what they answered then? 

They answered: <bold>we don't know anything on filters as we don't
produce them here.</bold> 

OK - I thought and I modified them myself up to my needs. Up to

By the way, let's see into the paragon or probably any other rig ten-tec

You find there PCBs coming as if from many hands, is if of many brands. 

A friend wrote me the ten-tec problem is their "badly tuned soldering

or maybe 

their problem is the items are produced separately, say, on nearby farms
and somehow 

put together with a worse or better, but always unforeseeable, effect ? 

Well, but it's what I know now... 

Later on, yet, I decided to use computer control over the paragon. 

Yes, I asked them for the board., but do you find it fair to send and
cash for the 

thing you well know it cannot be used with anything because of its
incompatibility ?? 

Yes, it's quite a basket as someone wrote. 

I signed to this reflector because paragon still suffers from the PA

and thought a message would show which might give some extra ideas. 

Instead I found a bunch of self-complacent guys. 

  Sorry, but it brings me back memory of a novel where half of the town

the tickets to a bad spectacle and didn't want to warn the other one
fearing they 

could become a county laughing stock. 

As getting back to the title. 

It's good to remember something before you start using the word legend. 

The must contain some facts, otherwise it's better to say "a bad dream". 




J. Pursley wrote: 

<excerpt>Good show Alec. 

I too find their smiling face a bit too much. A course in soldering 

techniques would help. When I asked for alignment proceedures on Paragons 

and Omni V's they all but laughed at me. When I provided a fix for

noise on the Paragon they never responded so I sent it out on the

myself. My onmi VI came back from the phase 3 upgrade in worse condition 

than it was when I sent it in. My requests for finding out why transmit

intermittent went unnoticed. I fixed it myself as well as the fix I made 

when they could not figure out why my paragon went ballistic at times.

forgot to solder the bias pot on the final, it was an intermittent 

mechanical connection.) I do all repairs myself from now on.....Joe 

promedia wrote: 

> Hi Bill, 


> Unfortunately, it didn't work with me at all. 

> Since I bought my paragon 585 from them, I just stepped into an

> realm 

> of problems, costs and disappointment. I think the only reason I had 

> decided to buy a ten-tec, 

> at that time, was that legend. And I bought it new. 

> Alas, we cannot be fed by and live on a Legend. 

> Reality brought me ruthlessly back to Mother Earth and showed my 

> stupidity. 


> The suggestions and information the ten-tec furnished me with, after a 

> long course on 

> how to operate their fax-machine, were so extremely unproffesional that 

> one would 

> never believe they had ever touched anything electronic. No mentioning, 

> their "help" 

> reached me after I had to beg their president for it. 


> It's happened recently. 


> Further in the past, I mailed them my paragon's PA for the repair. They 

> kept it over 7 (seven) 

> months there and returned it as much faulty as it had been sent. You 

> should see the 

> invoice then....Of course, duly attached. 

> In the meantime, I contacted them several times 

> on whether they went bancrupt or so. "No" -they answered- "..we are 

> going strong with an 

> increasing sale".  The Legend's work it must have been... Nothing else. 


> So, it's the history. 

> It still stands on my desk half working. 

> A symbol delivered by Reality - Legend's opponent, one could say. 


> Anyway, 

> what is the final point? 

> The point is, think twice before you get involved with ten-tec... 


> Yours, 


> Alec/SP2EWQ 


> Bill wrote: 


> > Hello Alec, 

> > No Im not kidding about TenTecs's customer support. 

> >  ...the support that TenTec shows its customers is getting legendary. 

> > >From experts walking the hams through procedures to fix their own 

> > rados 

> > to sending them the parts to fix it themselves. Then if it has to be 

> > sent, they phone you to talk about things...When mine went in for the 

> > upgrades they called me and wrote me...They fixed the things that I 

> > had 

> > asked to be repaired and there were no charges... 

> >  Its like giving your radio to your best friend to fix and he does it 

> > right away and smiles when he gives it back because he knows it makes 

> > you happy. 

> >  Now we understand they only need one technician to repair all the 

> > rigs 

> > ut there is amazing because their turnaround time is so fast for most 

> > repairs. 

> > Bill W2CQ 

> > 

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