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[TenTec] Mystery filter

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Subject: [TenTec] Mystery filter
From: GeneN8KUA@aol.com (GeneN8KUA@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 19:06:51 EST
Dear Ten-Tecnophiles,

I'm the happy new owner of a nice Omni V (my first T-T rig).  When I installed
the 400 Hz INRAD filter in the 9 MHz IF, I removed a mystery filter.  I don't
think it's a CW filter.  Anyway, it looks to be on a standard T-T filter
circuit board (faint red T-T logo and "6840"  on the bottom.  It has only 4
crystals mounted on it.  Two of them are marked:  one (on one end) with the
numbers "8315" and another (other end) with "48057" (or possibly "4805/") .  5
capacitors between the Xtals and ground.  Nothing like it on the "Unofficial
Ten-Tec Pages" and none of the numbers match T-T filter models I'm aware of.
Any clues?  So far I've been too busy playing with the radio as I've
configured it to bother plugging the mystery filter in to see what it sounds
like.  Guess that'll be next unless I get a positive ID.


Gene Freund
Arlington, TX

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