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[TenTec] RE:ArgoDeltaII backlight update-Thank You Harry!

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Subject: [TenTec] RE:ArgoDeltaII backlight update-Thank You Harry!
From: petef@sprynet.com (Pete Ferrand)
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 22:07:05 -0500

Harry et al:

Just a word to say that the El-Tech strips arrived on
schedule from Harry yesterday; this afternoon I installed
them in my Delta II.


It looks much much better and the display's indeed easier to

Harry, was very good of you to take on this project and you
did a great job cutting the strips and Mylar coating them.

The brightness to me looks about like the brightness of the
Delta II when it was new; the claim is that it's brighter,
but it doesn't appear substantially so from here, however I
guess this is a square-law type perception so it could be
twice as bright and barely noticeable unless an a/b
comparison was made.

I guess we'll have to get together in 50,000 hours and
compare notes :-)


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