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[TenTec] Relief for Alec/SP2EWQ

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Subject: [TenTec] Relief for Alec/SP2EWQ
From: k7zum@teleport.com (ken l. knopp)
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:40:39 -0800
Bill Cotter wrote:
> Alec,
> I'm sorry you have been having so much trouble getting TenTec to
> fix that piece of junk they call a Paragon. No one should have to
> jump through all the hoops that you have had to go through. Can't
> even fix a simple subassemmbly without the rest of the radio - who
> ever heard of such a thing. From all your complaints you've aired,
> I think you deserve some relief (the reflector could use some,
> too). You need a break and I feel generous enough to assist you.
> I'll give you $100US for that broken down, unrepairable mess that
> TenTec dares to call a decent radio. You can ship the whole basket
> of parts loose in a box, it doesn't matter to me.
> With the generous offer I'm making you, you'll be ready to get a
> real radio from Kenwood or Yaesu or even Icom, and be sitting back
> working DX once again. Let your woes be mine and have some extra
> christmas money. I'll sweat it out with the boys in TN. Hell, I'll
> even throw in some greenstamps for shipping, ho ho ho.... But,
> hurry up, the kids are tugging at my wallet, too.
> 73 es bst dx bill N4ALG

well the bidding is on !! heck Alec, i'l give you $125.00 for that
broken down radio, and i"ll double the green stamps that n4alg has
offered !!! 
do we got any more bid's !!!

vy 73...ken...k7zum

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