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[TenTec] Steve vs Ten-Tec

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Subject: [TenTec] Steve vs Ten-Tec
From: zl1mh@xtra.co.nz (mike hutchins)
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 18:53:50 +1300
I note that Steve has been the only foreign (alien) ham upto now to have
any input into this debate.
As another foreigner (alien), I, initially had a little problem with NIL
replies from Ten-Tec regarding queries on the performance of my OMNI VI.
I was lucky enough to have a local Ten-Tec agent (ZL1PB), who received a
fast, helpful reply from the T-T factory on my behalf.
Steve, doubtless, has no agent for T-T in Poland & is, therefore, on his
own, having spent a heap of money, and maybe deserves a suggestion or
two regarding his problem from other 'reflectorees'.
T-T may well be reluctant to commit time/effort into non-agent queries.
If this is so, they could improve their PR image by advising foreign
(alien) customers who purchase direct, that NIL backup will be

I'm still happy about having bought an OMNI VI, but I'm sure as hell
glad we have an agent here in NZ, through whom I made my purchase!

Happy Holiday Season to ALL.
73, Mike, ZL1MH.

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