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[TenTec] Alex's Contest score with a Paragon???

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Subject: [TenTec] Alex's Contest score with a Paragon???
From: pcuellar@bright.net" <pcuellar@bright.net (Phil Cuellar)
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:21:29 -0500

> > {snip} Besides.
> >I'm not happy with the results.
> >With some rig really being working properly, I would have
> >doubled the final score,  AT LEAST.
> >See you all..
> >Stay happy, but still, remember,  think twice,
> >before you start reading ten-tec commercials.
> >Learn from the mistakes committed by others.
> >It's a part of a universal wisdom, guys...
> >>Alec/SP2EWQ
Considering his score and his feelings that he should have been able to at 
least double it, maybe Alec needs a PROFESSIONAL radio, he is obviously too 
"good" an operator to use a radio designed well enough for us lowly 
bumbling AMATEURS! I wish him luck in his search for a better radio.

73 de KB8TRK - Phil

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