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[TenTec] qrp kit 1340 ?

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Subject: [TenTec] qrp kit 1340 ?
From: badger@vbe.com (Michael Melland)
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 10:38:47 -0600
Anyone built the TenTec 1340 qrp transceiver kit?  I'm through Phase 5
and think that according to what the manual seems to indicate I should
be hearing - I may have a problem.

I'm doing the Phase 5 progress test and have a few questions for those
who may have already built this kit.  In the alignment procedure for the
receiver mixer and IF amplifier stages of Phase 5 I attached a piece of
wire as a temporary antenna according to the manual.  I was unable to
hear the signal (7.040) from my Omni V transmitting into a dummy load as
the instructions suggested so I used my service monitor.  I could not
hear the signal from the monitor so I connected it's output to the
temporary antenna wire and could then hear the signal and peak the
coils.  Step 5-37 indicates to peak coils L6, L18, L7 and L5 for maximum
signal level.  All goes great while peaking all coils but L5 (11 MHz IF
amp).  Adjusting this coil per the above instruction has no effect on
signal strength.  Is this usual or is there a problem with the circuit? 
Does the low sensitivity and inability to pick up signals while tuning
around indicate a problem at this stage?  Or when I construct the Audio
preamp and AGC circuit will this straighten out?  Also, I see that the
audio seems scratchy as the volume control is turned up.... and maximum
volume is at the half way point and there is no audio above that
point....it drops out.  Hopefully the addition of the other circuits
fixes this too.... this is one place where the manual is not clear to
me.  Also, it's hard to set L1 to the proper audio pitch I prefer cause
when you touch the control the pitch raises up..... do you set L1's
pitch for the "hand on" pitch or the "hand off" pitch ?


Michael Melland, KB9QHU
Winneconne, Wisconsin, USA
FISTS #4387, 10-10 #69281, QRP-L #1656
CW, SSB, and Electronics
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