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[TenTec] Re: INRAD vs. TenTec - Yes Please

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: INRAD vs. TenTec - Yes Please
From: wdcook@ibm.net (Bill Cook)
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 17:46:10 -0500
K & H Darwin wrote:

> Boy  Gene, a scientific comparison would be great, but right now I'd settle
> for someone who says "I used to have the TT filters and now I have the
> INRAD filters and here's my impression".  I'm guessing someone already has
> an impression but hasn't posted it to the reflector.
> jusst call me mister curious :)

  I am using two of the INRAD 9meg 2.1kc filters in my omni VI up3.  One is in
all the time and the other is switched in when I want it.   They are steeper
than  the originals and have noticeably less ripple.   However they are
narrower than the originals which cuts off too much of the low response for
me.  A temporary  fix , for me, was to shift the BFO xtal oscillators in
200cycles each.  I am much happier with the audio response and the narrower
bandpass (same as Collins-S line).  THE DAMN FREQ DISPLAY IS OFF 200HZ NOW!  Of
course I knew that
was going to happen, so I have ordered the 2.8KC filter.  If they would just
make a 2.4KC filter
It would be close to nirvanna.  The symmetry of the INRAD filter is much better
than the originals.  Actually a 10 pole or even 12 pole 2.4KC filter in the
main position would be the best
of all worlds.  Another thing I do believe the center frequency of the INRAD
filters are within
50cycles or less.  I do not believe the originals are this good. Dave  N1LQ had
three 2.4kc
filters and I had two, and all of them were over approx 200cycles different
from each other which makes cascading them a poor compromise.  Upper sideband
audio always sounded too high pitched.  With the INRAD 2.1kc filters there is
no noticeable difference between USB and LSB.  So, from my perspective the
INRAD filters are better spec'd and built than the TEN-TEC originals. (The
INRAD costs more too!)

Yes!  one INRAD 12pole 9001.5mc 2.4kc wide (200ohm in/out) filter to "fit" in
the Omni VI
(or V, etc) main filter position.  I would  pay $150.00 for one!

Bill Cook  N4WC

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