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[TenTec] Re: INRAD vs. TenTec - Yes Please

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: INRAD vs. TenTec - Yes Please
From: wwalsh@intac.com (Warren Walsh)
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 18:57:43 -0500
At 08:40 AM 12/5/98 -0500, K & H Darwin wrote:

>Boy Gene, a scientific comparison would be great, but right now I'd settle
>for someone who says "I used to have the TT filters and now I have the
>INRAD filters and here's my impression".  I'm guessing someone already has
>an impression but hasn't posted it to the reflector.
>Just call me mister curious :)
>Keith Darwin
>Ferrisburg, VT

Ok Keith, and TenTec Reflectorees,
I had a full set of TenTec filters in my OMNI-VI (now upgrade 3).  They
included the 1.8KHz, 500Hz (285), and 250Hz (282) in the 6.3MHz IF
position, and the 500Hz (217) in the 9.0MHz IF position.  I have replaced
the 285, 282, and 217's with the 750, 751, and 753 INRAD filters.  My first
real use of the new filters was last weekend during the CQWW CW test.  I
operated with N2BIM as a 2 radio M/M with the OMNI being used on 40/80.  I
have used this radio many times at N2RM's in a M/M setting.  The biggest
complaint the other operators had about the radio was filter blow-by on 80
meters.  Well let me tell you these new filters really make a difference.
I was able to get right in between the BIG GUNS on both 40 and 80 without
being bothered.  I feel that the $330.00 I spent were well wort it.

73 and Happy Holidays
Warren - K2BM

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