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[TenTec] SmarKeyer III is ready !!!

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Subject: [TenTec] SmarKeyer III is ready !!!
From: bmarx@bellsouth.net (Bill)
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 22:43:19 -0500
Hello All,
 I was just informed by Joe Lunsford N4YG that the SmartKeyer III, will
be ready for shipping just before Christmas possibly for stocking
 It is one of the best keyers on the planet..Check out his web page
(still under construction) for pictures and all the details. 


 He will not do any advertising at the outset and rely on word of
mouth.... If you like the keyer get one.... My SmartKeyer II is still
working since 1992 and has never been turned off.He also describes a
keyer in kit form due to follow. 
 The tie to this list is twofold. The TenTec rigs are the best in the
world for CW and those on the list have a deep interest in that.And the
Enclosures are made by TenTec ....
Bill W2CQ

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