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[TenTec] on ten-tec's primitivy...

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Subject: [TenTec] on ten-tec's primitivy...
From: JimN0OCT@aol.com (JimN0OCT@aol.com)
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 12:09:43 EST
First off, hello Alec and how's the weather in Poland?

Second, ham radio is a hobby.  You can spend all your time bitching to a list
that is "blind" as you have described it, or you can go enjoy your hobby.  I
choose to enjoy my hobby.

As far as primitivity goes, that my be true for "bells and whistles"--Ten Tec
does not have a lot of them, and their rigs aren't the prettiest.  However, if
you read the writings of an established radio architecture
professional--Ulriche Rohde--and then look at what TT does, they are doing
many things correctly with their internal architecture.  What they lack in
ergonomics they more than make up for in basic performance.  In the end, use a
radio that suits your needs.

One final note: Which is more foolish--being blind, or continuing to show the
blind man color pictures?

73 and good DX my friend

ARCI 8816

In a message dated 98-12-07 05:13:36 EST, you write:

 Hi to all, and you Phil,
 Well, it seemed to me what I bought it WAS a proffessional Radio.
 I paid, at least, for such.
 I didn't want and don't want anything for free. Some of you are heavenly
 praising the fact
 you were given anything. Maybe there must be some Alexes first for some
 Bills, Phils
 and similar to exist later.
 What I certainly found I am talking colours to some who are completely
 You should well accept the fact, that what you get for a proffesional
 money is a kind
 of an amateurish device. Designed in that manner and  manufactured in
 that mannner.
 It's primitivity is shown right from the front panel, through that
 what's inside, to the last screw
 supposed to keep the speaker in place, instead protruding from upper
 cover and getting
 in direct conflict with the rear panel.
 If you cannot see well enough use a magnifying glass. And accept the
 The problem simplicity or primitivity doesn't mean a good operational
 quality in this case.
 It's simple for you there, to send the rig for repairs, and get it free.
 And I understand why.
 For such a factory as ten-tec is simpler not to charge a customer for
 the repair
 because he or she might ask some "trivial" questions afterwards. One
 who's not blind might find out
 it was factory to blame for that what'd happened. Some might even get a
 bit angry....
 Since I had enough of that ten-tec's proffesional beating around bushes,
 when I asked them
 for help, I've decided to maintain paragon's usefulness myself spending
 a lot on modifications.
 Accept the fact, too.
 Ten-tec must first knuckle well over their designing desks to produce
 something up to present
 standards. It's going to take some time, however.
 I wonder if  they can at all  having such a "good" support on the
 rubbish they are
 filling their boxes with now.
 Besides, Primitivity must take its origin from somewhere, too. In this
 case it's not so difficult
 to point the source.
 Anybody who's considering buying ten-tec's must expect and be prepared
 a lot contacts with ten-tec afterward his "pride and joy" will have
 Best you could move closer to a post office.
 Some will fruit with something free   (shipping excluded).
 Remember Alec then, your sponsor...
 Yours, as always,
 Alec/SP2EWQ >>

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