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[TenTec] Ten Tec happy versus unhappy customers

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Subject: [TenTec] Ten Tec happy versus unhappy customers
From: peplasters@rockford.com (Paul Plasters)
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 11:57:17 -0600
Hello all;
   One week ago today, I asked for any unhappy ten tec owners to contact me
and let me count them.
I then received a request asking me to also count the Happy ones also.

Here is the result:
13 very happy contented Hams

2 unhappy one much more so than the other 

3 of whom had mixed feelings, one said Ten Tec is "good but not yet
perfect"  and one whose complaint was very minor in my personal estimation,
although the problem may have been more important to him

I guess Ten Tec is not perfect, but neither am I, or most of the rest of
the inhabitants of this world.  I know there is much animosity towards the
United States from other countries, but is the products from their country
perfect?  Are their citizens perfect?  
I personally try to buy American made items if I can, resorting to other
country made merchandise when necessary.  Some time I think the American
made merchandise is maybe not the best, but I understand the problems, and
can contact the manufacturer if need be.  It is much harder to do when I
have something made elsewhere.  I can give many examples if you desire.
        If a customer has a beef about the company he has done business with, he
should air it.  ONCE.  If he is just whining or snivelling, or on a
vendetta, he should not do it on a net created to exchange ideas among
users, as soon they will soon unsubscribe and no one will have any benefit.
          If you have constructive comments, or how to repair, make better, make
work that you want to share please do so.  If you want to ask for help,
advice etc. please do so.  If you have operating tips, please do so.  If
you just want to whine, and complain, most of us will just hit DELETE
buttons, and it will be like you never sent the letter at all.

This is the last I will say on the subject, as I am here for the learning
that can happen in a net like this.

73 to all, sorry to take up so much room, all I meant to do was report the
count numbers.  Paul K9PEP

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