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[TenTec] Stability of TT PTO rigs....

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Subject: [TenTec] Stability of TT PTO rigs....
From: JimN0OCT@aol.com (JimN0OCT@aol.com)
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 17:37:00 EST
So, I have this [new to me] Corsair 1, and I'm operating in a contest this
weekend, when my 6-year old runs into the house yelling that there is going to
be a volcano.  As it turns out, she meant Tornado.  Fortunately she was wrong.
But, by the time I got back to the contest [many minutes later], the CQ'ing
station I had parked on [with the 250 Hz filter in line] was still smack dab
in the middle of the pass band.  I was floored.

Has anyone done any shack [field?] measurements of the stability of TT PTO
controlled rigs?  I would like to know what kind of stability others have
seen.  I would even like to know what kind of stability the synthesizer types
are getting.

The Corsair is a heck of a lot more stable than my TR7, although I wouldn't
give up either radio.

73, Jim n0oct

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