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Subject: [TenTec] TenTec or the Road
From: epaolin@mail5.clio.it (eric)
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 15:30:37 +0100
Suffer me a few breaths, fellows- 

Today, all products (and individuals if you are talking health insurance)
have a predetermined 'lifetime', after which they have served their
usefulness (made the established profits) and are to be outdated, or
upgraded.  To get a company to even talk about a ten year old product, let
alone be helpful is out of the 'norm' today.  It is difficult to find
product support in America today-- and across the pond, it is still
virtually unheard of!!!!!      I have dealt with the non-US manufacturers
regarding problems on their products and have had the fortunate experience
of  'coming home' to TenTec!  Tech support and service has been awesome from
across the pond!  

I have consumed too much bandwidth, and my apologies-- however, life is
precious and short, the Digest is for TT users -- not for whinners, let's
use it to support the Ten Tec users.  All others should just 'hit the road...'

GOD Bless


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