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Subject: [TenTec] TenTec or the Road
From: rhiller@sysdev.com (Rick Hiller)
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 10:14:15 -0500
>Today, all products (and individuals if you are talking health insurance)
>have a predetermined 'lifetime', after which they have served their
>usefulness (made the established profits) and are to be outdated, or
>upgraded.  To get a company to even talk about a ten year old product, let
>alone be helpful is out of the 'norm' today

The Chinese require 7 years of support for high tech commercial products
sold today.  If you want to sell it to them you HAVE to do it.  It's in the

Ham radio wise, what you are saying is that, you should
        1) find a transceiver that performs well and that you like,
        2) accessorize it to the hilt,
        3) learn how to align and repair it, then
        4) over the next few years purchased used radios and accessories as 

This way you will have what you need to take care of any radio you purchase
for as long as you own it........or you can buy a Ten-Tec.....your choice.

I appreciate the fact that Ten-Tec upgrades their Omni-VI series instead of
building an Omni-VII.  As long as you start out with that intent and create
a platform to do such, it's good business.

Rick Hiller
Manager, Business Development
System Development, Inc.  Houston, Texas
"Providing CGM based Hardcopy and Interactive Graphics tools"
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