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[TenTec] Re: "prettiest radios'

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: "prettiest radios'
From: darwin@together.net (K & H Darwin)
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 19:56:58 -0500
Actually, I don't consider TenTec radios to be all that pretty (Oh, oh,
here come the flames!!!)

I find their fit n finish to be a bit unrefined.  The pots are often a bit
wobbly and a radio with plastic sides doesn't impress me with it's ability
to keep harmonics inside the case.

What I like about their rigs is the ergonomics, performance and the service
/ support.  Their radios have adult-size knobs and spacing which makes
sence to me.

The best thing about my Corsair II is the RX performance.  Loud stations a
few KC away don't bother me unless they are actually splattering.

Keith Darwin
Ferrisburg, VT

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