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[TenTec] Tnx, But Too Late

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Subject: [TenTec] Tnx, But Too Late
From: andrenr@ul.com (RICHARD ANDREN)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 98 9:57:47 CST
Below is my response to everyone regarding my sudden set of problems that 
developed with my MLA and 17m on my VI+.  Lots of responses and good input, 
but my Omni is now in real sad shape.

Thanks to all for their comments on my 17m problems and what I thought may 
have been a key up spike problem with my Omni VI+.  Overall, everyone 
suggested to check the oscillator, which I resoldered but the intermittent 
still existed.  I think the 17m crystal is not always getting switched on 
from the controller.  Just a thought.

Regarding the key up spike, I must be reading too many reflectors and got 
the Omni confused with another "spiky" radio.  Sorry if I caused confusion. 
 The main tuning cap in the MLA-2500 is an air variable which arced and 
melted the aluminum plates.  I did hear the arcing and immediately turned 
the Omni output juice down, but the arcing was so severe, some aluminum 
plates are melted beyond use.

This weekend in the 10m contest, limping along with only the Omni, I 
noticed a lot of people jumping around in freq.  Listening to my CW on an 
old Hallicrafter's SX-71, it wasn't them, it was an unstable oscillator/PLL 
in the Omni.  I assume the same mis-alignment problem other's had with 30m. 
 Being in a contest, I figured I'll tweak the oscillator after the contest. 
 Well, the contest ended prematurely for me on Saturday.  The output became 
garbled, the ALC light started flashing rapidly as if the radio was being 
keyed extremely fast, and output went down to about 30 watts.  I let the 
radio cool down and tried it again, but as soon as it warms up, it just 
goes nuts again, kinda like the output is oscillating.

I've accumulated 1/2 dozen problems with this radio this year, and I've 
decided to send it back to TT for it's annual repair.  I hope they can get 
it bullet-proof this time.  While I appreciate all the help on this 
reflector, there's just too much wrong for me to repair.  I've used most of 
the "top end" radio's but I still prefer my Omni, though I'm kinda bummed 
out now.  Just because I've a few problems with my Omni, I don't care to 
hear from any of the TT basher's on this reflector.

73, Rick N9THC

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