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[TenTec] improved audio from 961

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Subject: [TenTec] improved audio from 961
From: wb0cff@hotmail.com (Carl R. Gansen)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 16:08:57 PST
Thank you to those that responded with additional suggestions
both via reflector and direct.

I'd like to cover a few additional points.

  Some have asked about adhesive sound deadening pads.  Most of 
these are elastomer foam materials and I would worry about them 
having unwanted heat insulating qualities.  Trapping heat in the 
961 or 962 would be a mistake in my opinion so I would avoid these
foam pads.  

  Also, my goal was not to absorb the sound.  The goal was to avoid
having the sound drive the cabinet surfaces into resonance.  There
is a distinct difference between sound deadening (absorbing) and
dampening (avoiding the generation of unwanted sound). The
acoustically dead steel works in these two ways.  First, and most
importantly it lowers the mechanical Q (dampening) making the cabinet 
panels difficult to excite with sound energy avoiding unwanted sound
generation.  Secondly, the additional mass added to the cabinet lowers 
the resonant frequency modes of cabinet resonances helping to move those 
modes out of the listening spectrum.

  I am quite pleased with the improvements that I observed in the
quality of my 962's sound.  I do not know if my 962 is typical of
others.  It is reasonable to assume that others may see more or less

 I am still intrigued by k7zum's idea of boxing in the backside of 
the speaker.  That should deliver more sound out the front and 
I plan to tinker with that.

Once again, thanks to those that responded. I am enjoying
the discussion.


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